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ALL OUR CHEMICAL PRODUCTS ARE STRICTLY FOR LABORATORY USE ONLY AND ARE NOT APPROVED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. is one of the largest suppliers of Mining/Industrial Chemicals in the USA/Europe/Canada/Australia/UK. We are firmly established as a go-to source for a wide range of Chem, providing well-researched and unique compounds to both academic researchers & scientific institutions around the world.

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Why Us? is a highly professional and dynamic company with experience in Gbl, Caluanie, red liquid mercury, and other pharmaceutical products.
We are engaged in providing quality chem and other pharmaceutical-grade products to cater to the requirements of our customers on a regular basis.

Our able services in meeting the demands of the metal and chemicals industry have been appreciated by our clients in domestic as well as International markets. It is because of our high quality standards and strenuous efforts to maintain amicable relations with our clients; that we have been able to create a niche for ourselves. We are backed by an experienced and highly motivated workforce with ample experience in the non-ferrous metal, metal salts, and chemical industries.

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